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Royal Jordanian Airlines: Journey in the Arabian Regality and Superiority

Royal Jordanian Airlines also popular as Alia Royal Jordanian Airlines, is nationalised air carrier of Jordan with operational office situated in the capital, Amman. The key hub of airline is located at Queen Alia International Airport, and with regular flight operations crossing the 500 mark plus more than 100 daily departures, passengers would feel the ultimate sense of regality and superiority in the air. The reputable Arabian airline schedules international regular flights to several international destinations connecting the Middle East, Europe and Far East. With grown hospitality and decent engagement, Royal Jordanian Airlines bonded with Oneworld airline alliance in 2007, and this bonding had been indeed quite a welcoming offer.

Changing Livery and Modifiable Character

Not many international airlines have changed their livery as often and consistently as Royal Jordanian Airlines. One of the reasons attributed behind this changing character and modification is obviously “Uniqueness”. The original livery of Royal Jordanian Airlines showcases a clear cut mark of royalty. It comprises a pure white fuselage paralleled with distinctive duality of gold and red cheat lines, which is now a retro. The international airline of Arabia changed its name to Royal Jordanian Airlines from Alia Royal Jordanian Airlines.

On the celebrations of 10th anniversary with airline alliance - “Oneworld” the A319 body was given a new value addition blending and relating closely to Oneworld. All of this special change was seen in February 2009, which is quite a changeover with punch of branding.

The replacement of pure white fuselage with charcoal grey fuselage eventually led to the development of new character. The recent development of livery is seen as "Discover Petra,” painted on Boeing 787 Dream liners of Royal Jordanian Airlines, quite scintillating vibe of the 2022.

Rhetorically Outstanding In-flight Entertainment Activities

Sky Cinema is the name attributed to Royal Jordanian Airlines’ onboard system that entertains the passengers to the hilt. The quality of entertainment passengers enjoy is of next level. Along with the upscale entertainment, there are exotic foods and drinks, which establish a unique parallelism. The foods and drinks are offered by Dnata. Long haul flights, which are usually the international flights come with awesomely great serving options and these are exceptionally bountiful.

Offbeat Frequent-flyer Program

Passengers who want to taste the royalty can look out for the Royal Club – the touch of ultimate efficacy provided under the frequent flyer program. Passengers are offered miles options on the basis of the Type and the Destination Class.

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