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The content is provided to help customer collect travel information and figure out the availability of travel-related services and products. We, at Flightsmyway, ensure customers enjoy legitimate travel reservations while transacting business with travel suppliers. Otherwise, there is no other purpose of

The website is offered to customers on the condition that they accept the terms and conditions, and every effort is made to ensure that the information contain herein is accurate and complete. This Disclaimer policy refers to customers visiting website to gather travel-related information or to make a booking through the website or via Flightsmyway’s customer service agents.

Flightsmyway has the right to modify this agreement at any time without prior notice, and using the Flightsmyway website and services denotes that the customer accepts the terms and conditions that are prevailing at the time of use. Also, the Flightsmyway website may contain certain terms and conditions that may govern specific features of an offer. In case the terms and conditions are in conflict with the additional terms and conditions then these terms will prevail.

Customers are requested to read and understand the terms and conditions thoroughly. While using the website, booking travel product or services or getting in touch with Flightsmyway travel executives, customers agree that the prevailing terms and conditions shall apply. The website constitutes user agreement that the user accepts, and by using services provided, the customer acknowledges that they accept the terms and conditions. In case a customer does not agree to the terms and conditions, they must not use any product or services offered by

Ownership and Copywriters Policy

Flightsmyway content along with content compilation and arrangement, is subject to copywriters’ property. These together make a part of the services offered by On the Flightsmyway website, users will find some data related to schedule of its copyright work that is from third-party information providers.

At Flightsmyway, users will find certain content, like sound, logos, trademarks, videos and graphics along with other information displayed on the website are registered and protected by trademarks, copyright and intellectual property rights and laws. Users acknowledge and agree that the content contained herein cannot be copied, transmitted, uploaded, distributed or reproduced with express authorization and consent.

Using the material and content on any other website or application is prohibited. Hence, users are not allowed to use any copyrighted or proprietary content without the explicit consent of the owners, who own the copyright and trademark notices. Hence, the user does not have the legal right to obliterate, delete, or alter any of these notices.

The user also does not have the right to license or use any trademark displayed on Flightsmyway website without explicit written authorization by or the owner of the trademark. Unauthorized use or distribution of trademark or copyright work is illegal and will attract personal liability and criminal prosecution.

Limited Users

The content and information on this website and the infrastructure used to provide the content and information is proprietary to Flightsmyway and its providers and suppliers. Flightsmyway website is meant solely for personal use. The website is not meant for commercial use unless specified.

As per the terms and conditions and the copyright law, users do not have the right to modify, transmit, copy, display, distribute, publish, sell, or create derivative works from the available information, products or services available on the site. Users acknowledge that do not get ownership rights when they download copyrighted material. In addition, users agree not to:

Use website content or information for commercial purposes

Conduct false, fraudulent or speculative activities, like booking or making reservation, in anticipation that the demand will go up

Access, copy or monitor information provided on using spider, robot, scraper or any other automated or manual source for any purpose without explicit consent from Flightsmyway

Violate, bypass or circumvent the processes to prevent or limit access to the Flightsmyway website

Taken action that causes the infrastructure to bear large volumes of unreasonable load

Deep link to any part of the website without written permission from

Frame, mirror or incorporate any portion of the website with any other website without explicit written consent by

In accordance with the user agreement, Flightsmyway reserves the right to cancel bookings that are associated with the user’s name, email ID or account if any evidence of suspicious activity, fraud or abuse is found. Flightsmyway may also take legal action if it finds that the user has conducted fraudulent activity, and this may make the user liable for monetary losses sustained by Flightsmyway, including cost of litigation and damages.

Terms and Conditions for Using Flightsmyway Website

In accordance to the terms and conditions for using the website, every user has to agree to the following:

User should have legal authority to get into binding legal obligation with Flightsmyway

User will use the Flightsmyway website in accordance to the terms and conditions

User will use the website to make legitimate reservations for self or another person on whose behalf they are authorized to act

User will have to inform the other person of the terms and conditions for using the Flightsmyway website

All information supplied by the user should be true, accurate, current and complete to the best of their knowledge

Users who open a Flightsmyway account have the responsibility to maintain the safety of that account so that it is used in a responsible manner by them or another authorized person has the right to deny access to any individual to the website, products and/or services at any time without giving any valid reason.

Using Services Provided By Flightsmyway is responsible solely for the transactions done on the Flightsmyway website by the user. Flightsmyway is not responsible for screening, controlling or censoring transactions, including whether the transaction is legal and in accordance with the laws of the land where the user is based.

User of the Flightsmyway website agrees that they will abide to the procedures and guidelines of the website as it is modified. The users have to comply with the laws and regulations related to the use of the services provided. If there is a disagreement with the additional terms and conditions and other guidelines then these terms will control.

Alteration and Modification of Terms of Use is part of Travel Service. Each module along with the content arrangement on this website is copyrighted to The terms and conditions listed on the website are subject to regular review. endeavors to ensure that the information, terms, conditions notices contained herein are complete, accurate and correct. However, cannot guarantee that the content on every page is accurate nor can it explicitly state that the content and description are correct without any errors or omissions due to human or data errors. Flightsmyway is not responsible for loss or damage sustained by the user due to information contained on the website.

Supplier’s Policy Rules and Restrictions

User is requested to read and understand the additional terms and conditions listed on the website. These terms and conditions apply to purchase of travel-related goods and services and any reservation made by the user. When the user purchases or books travel-related goods and services, they agree to abide by the terms and conditions of purchase listed by

Fulfilment of supplier rules and restrictions about the availability and use of fares, products or services are not covered by these terms and conditions. This agreement applies to the payment of the amount due and in compliance with the supplier’s rules and restrictions.

Airfare is guaranteed only after the purchase process is over and the ticket has been issued. Airline companies and travel suppliers may change their prices without prior notice. Hence, reserves the right to cancel bookings and reservations if full payment is not done in a timely manner.

To cover additional costs and expenses during hotel stay, hotel suppliers may require the customer to provide credit card details or cash when checking in. These payments are not related whatsoever to the payments made to Flightsmyway at the time of booking.

Reviews, Comments and Other Submissions is always keen to know what users think and feel about the services and products offered by the website. However, has terms and conditions regarding recommendations, queries, journals, suggestions, directories, guides, text, opinions, reviews, new articles, images, illustrations, logos, photographs, data, software, applications, ideas, comments, testimonials, messages, questions and other materials received by These terms and conditions will apply when the content is submitted to the website through emails, postings on the website or any other means.

Flightsmyway, its subsidiaries, co-branded and associated website partners and corporate affiliates through whom we provide travel services and products, we have a royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, and fully sub-licensable right to:

Use and creative derivative work for public display any submission made on any media

Reproduce, modify, translate, publish and distribute submissions

Use name, email ID and other contact information that is provided along with the submission

Customers should read and agree with the terms and conditions for the opinions and reviews that they submit and can be used by Flightsmyway at their discretion. Also, such comments and reviews will be shared with supplier partners.

If there is a violation of yours or Flightsmyway’s rights when it comes to the submissions, Flightsmyway reserves the right to pursue legal action against the said person or entity. The submissions and postings are non-proprietary and non-confidential in nature and does not assume responsibility or liability for submission posted or submitted by the user. The company reserves the right to use absolute discretion to determine which content should be published on the website. If the user does not agree to these terms and conditions, they should not provide or submit any submission.’s terms, conditions and policies regarding infringement claims by third party with regard to any submission can be found in the Claims of Copyright Infringement.

Privacy Policy takes user privacy seriously when they are using the website or doing booking. The following privacy policy is current and updated and governs customer use of the website.

Prepaid Hotel Booking and Reservation

To book or reserve hotel accommodation so that the user enjoys the best chance to stay during their travel, Flightsmyway pre-negotiates certain hotel rooms with the hotel supplier on behalf of the traveler. Room rates displayed on Flightsmyway are a combination of pre-negotiated rates and recommendations. When a user uses to book their travel, they authorize to book their reservation on their behalf for the total reservation price. This price includes the room rate displayed on the website and tax recovery charges, service fees, if applicable, and taxes on the services provided Flightsmyway. When a user uses the website to make hotel reservation, they are authorizing Flightsmyway to do so on their behalf, and this includes making payment to the hotel supplier.

The user grants permission to Flightsmyway to retain the payment on their services. Flightsmyway does not collect taxes for remittance to applicable taxing authorities. The tax recoveries charged for prepaid hotel reservation are an estimate that Flightsmyway pays the hotel supplier on your behalf for the taxes due on the hotel room rental rate. The hotel supplier is responsible for remitting the necessary taxes to the applicable taxing authority. Flightsmyway does not act as a co-vendor with the supplier with whom the website books or reserves the customer’s travel arrangements.

The taxability and appropriate tax rate may vary based on the location and at the time when the hotel is used by the customer. Hence, retains services fees as additional compensation when travel booking or reservation is made.

Users can cancel or change their prepaid hotel reservation, but will be charged a cancellation or change fee as indicated in the rules and restrictions for the hotel reservation. In event that the customer does not show for the first night of the reservation but plans to check-in for the subsequent nights, they must confirm the change in reservation to Flightsmyway no later than the first night of the reservation. This will prevent cancellation of the reservation.

Flightsmyway Liability Disclaimer

Flightsmyway does not take any responsibility regarding the accuracy of information or description of flight, vacation, hotel, cruise, car and other travel products and services displayed on the Flightsmyway website. Hence, it disclaims any liability for error or accuracy.

Information, software, application, products and services published on the Flightsmyway website may contain errors or inaccuracies. Also, Flightsmyway reserves the right to correct pricing or any other error on the website or bookings and reservations made under incorrect pricing. In such a case, if possible, Flightsmyway will offer the customer an opportunity to keep the reservation pending at the correct price or the reservation will be cancelled without charging the customer any penalty.

Hotel and resort ratings displayed on Flightsmyway website are meant as general guidelines and Flightsmyway does not guarantee the accuracy of the ratings.

Service providers of carriers, hotels and other travel products or services are completely independent and do not function as agents or employees of Hence, Flightsmyway is not liable for any act, omission, error, representation, warranty, breaches or negligence by the supplier or for any personal injury, death, property damage or other damage or expense resulting therein.

Flightsmyway is not be liable or refund any money for delay, cancellation, strike, overbooking, force majeure, or any other reason beyond direct control of the website. Hence, Flightsmyway does not have the responsibility or liability for any additional expense, omission, delays, re-routing or acts of government or authority.

The terms and conditions with all limitations are the customer’s acknowledgement pertaining to allocation of risk between parties. The conditions and limitations specified in this section will apply even if any limited remedy mentioned in the Terms of Use fails its essential purpose. The limitations of liability provided in these terms of use inure Flightsmyway and /or the sites agents and suppliers.

Flightsmyway serves its customers solely as a travel agent and acts only as a booking agent. Hence, there is no liability on the part of Flightsmyway for any type of preparation and arrangement between the suppliers and customer regarding the standard of service. In no way is responsible for the services offered by the supplier.

Links to Third Party Sites

The Flightsmyway website may have links to the websites of third parties. These links are not under the control of, and hence, the company is not responsible for the content, material, limitation, updates, changes or any form of transmission received from these links.

Flightsmyway provides these links to the users for their own convenience, and the inclusion of any link on the website does not imply endorsement by Flightsmyway of the website or any association with the owners, operators or legal heirs of the website.

Currency Converter

In case a currency converter is available on the Flightsmyway website, the following terms and conditions apply:

Currency rates are based on the different publicly available sources, and should be used as guidelines only. Rates offered by the currency converter are not verified and hence, should not be considered accurate. The actual rates can vary.

Currency rates are not updated on a daily basis. Users are requested to check the date when the currency rate was last updated. While the information supplied by the currency converter is believed to be accurate, Flightsmyway, and its suppliers and affiliates do not guarantee the accuracy. When using the currency converter for financial purposes, Flightsmyway advises users to consult a qualified professional to check the veracity and accuracy of the rates provided.

Flightsmyway does not authorize use of the information provided by currency converter for any other purpose than for personal use and users are prohibited to resell, redistribute and use this information for commercial purposes.

Bank and Credit Card Fees

Some banks and credit cards may charge for international transactions. If a customer is making a booking from outside the US using a US-issued credit card, the bank may convert the payment amount into the local currency and charge the customer a conversion fee. The amount listed on the credit card or bank statement may be in the local currency and hence, it will display a different figure from the one in the billing summary page found on the website. In addition, a foreign transaction fee may be charge if the bank that issued the credit card is located outside the US. Booking international travel could be deemed as international transaction by the credit card provider or the bank since may pass on the payment to an international travel provider.

The currency exchange rate is decided by the bank or credit card company on the day that the transaction is processed. For any further questions related to exchange rates, customer is recommended to get in touch with their bank or credit card company.

Copyright and Trademark Notices

The content and materials published on are owned by However, the website is not responsible for the content and materials available on the Flightsmyway website and operated by third parties. The trademarks of are registered in the US and/or other countries. Other logos, products and company names mentioned in the website may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Counter Notification respects the copyright and limitations of other companies and travel providers. In any case, if a user in good faith believes that the content published on Flightsmyway infringes anyone’s copyright, the user should send the company a written notice that contains the following information:

A clear classification of the copyright work that the user claims was infringed

Identification of related material and/or content that the user claims is infringing the copyright work along with detailed information where Flightsmyway can locate the material online

User should send their contact details, preferably email address and telephone number, so that Flightsmyway can respond to the user’s complaint

A statement stating that the copyright infringement is not authorized by the owner, law or agent of the copyright

A statement stating that the notification is accurate and under penalty of perjury, the complaining party has the authorization to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright that is being infringed

A signed notice by the owner of the copyright that the person complaining has the right to act on behalf of the owner

The complaint process will not be process if the proper procedure is not followed or the complaint is deemed incomplete.

Notices with respect to copyright infringement should be sent to Flightsmyway by email to ensure the fastest resolution. A person may also send the notice to the address mentioned below:


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